Your Online Path To Clarity & Inner Peace As An Intuitive-Sensitive Person

Q: What is the Enlightenment Path?

A: An Online Deep Meditation and Coaching Program To Help You Reach Your Awakened Life

You will be invited to (see below for dates and descriptions):

  • 1. Six Evening of Clairvoyance Live Sessions

    £222 Value

  • 2. Six Inner Archetypes On-Demand Workshops

    £282 Value

  • 3. Access Our Private Online Group

    £199 Value

  • 4. Six Peer Group Live Sessions

    £282 Value

  • 5. The Five Part Pod to Bloom Enlightenment Path Course Content focussed on Connection

    £282 Value

  • 6. Six Enlightenment Path Live Sessions

    £342 Value

  • Sub-total so far...

    £1,609 Value

You will also receive access to these bonuses:

  • Your (optional) Completed Progress Sheet Reviewed Personally by Heidi Sawyer

    £150 Value

  • 2 Tickets To INSPIRE, Our Annual Conference (in-person in UK or Online later in the year)

    £294 Value

  • You will also be able to go into the archive of 14 previous on-demand workshops to review the courses that resonate with you the most

    £518 Value

  • Consciousness Transformation Kit

    £149 Value

  • 5 Little Leaps To Transformation Program

    £235 Value

  • Sub-total of the bonuses...

    £1,346 Value

That's £2,955 of value

Your Only Investment Is


All you have to do is press play and never give up. All the thinking has been done for you. 

At the beginning I didn’t have a clear vision of what my next transition needed to be. Having put a lot of effort into my development over the years I was craving deeper transformation and healing and I was getting frustrated with my level of growth.​ I now have so much clarity around my current development path. 

Noreen, County Clare, Ireland

I now make decisions quickly which are consistent with my behaviours by using my emotional guidance system. Working with Heidi has helped me realign my personal direction because I now have a better understanding of my desired destination.

Paul, Dorset, England

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