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Recent Stories of Transformation

Mary Dawson

"I was looking for a solution to a problem but I didn’t really know what the problem was."​

Most Impactful Course: Healing Never Good Enough

Marina Duskov

 "I am much less in fear, much more in my courageous heart.  I am more accepting of my feelings, and definitely living by intuition."

Most Impactful Course: Enlightenment Path Membership

Tracy Barthorpe

"I know I can fall into “being there” for people and not be myself but I look forward to paving the way to look after myself and others safely and authentically".

Most Impactful Course: Enlightenment Path Membership

Jane Barnes

"I found intuition, and it saved my life. My suggestion to people who are feeling a bit lost, or unsure and want to find out more about their intuition is simple: Try it!  


You have nothing to lose.  Have a look at some of Heidi’s online recordings and videos, and take that first step”.

Most Impactful Course: Enlightenment Path Membership

Cecile Plouy

"I am deeply grateful for my life choice, my sensitivity to KNOW I had to engage for things to be different”.

Most Impactful Course: Enlightenment Path Membership



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