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Discover How to Resolve the Blocks to Your Unique Life Path

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Transformation Happens When You Have Clarity - NOT Goals

Develop Expert Intuition

At some point on your journey to inner depth, meaning and purpose - you feel stuck.


You're left waiting for something to happen yet it's not clear what it is.


You want a simple path to follow, a clear structure.


This webinar, will show you a clear structure for your enlightenment path so you can feel you know where you're going.


The webinar will show you how to:

  • Understand why you want a unique life path
  • Deal with perfectionism and self-judgement blocking your path
  • Know the enlightenment path structure to a fulfilled life

If you want to feel more connected, experience growth, feel life shift into the next gear...


I look forward to discussing your unique path to transformation.


With love,


Heidi x

"The progress has gone from slow and steady to just so fast!". 



"Normally I hide at the back of the room".



At the start she saw a £50,000 gap in my income to fill. Now I have even closed my £50,000 income gap with no increase in hours or work and it came from a situation that I never imagined would be resolved.

​Anne, Lawyer, UK

I have cut my monthly outgoings dramatically, stuck to a budget and have a plan in place to be able to replace the savings I used to just purchase my new home. All of this feels effortless because it is exactly structured to the type of person I am, not how anyone thinks I should be.

Sarah, Care Worker, UK

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